Mais Cartões Postais para Clara (2)

Bologna, Italy, early July

Dearest Clara

Back from our summer in Europe – though Marcella is still with family in Italy another week – and settling into another year of teaching here in Korea.  I send you some pictures from our travels.  I will write a letter in the next week or so and send it too.  Meantime, know I love you and I hope as you begin school, that you study hard, have a good time, learn a lot.  And I hope too, that we can see each other soon.

Roma, early JulyLisboa, a step from where you live on Rua do Seculo, 157Shop window, LisboaToledo, SpainToledoMadridMadrid, storefrontSassi, Matera, Italy,  Marcella’s home townPalermo, SicilyPalermoSelinunte, Greek ruinsSiracusaAgrigento, Greek templeShip wake, Messina to Reggio CalabriaWall, San Lorenzo, RomaFlying back to Seoul, Qatar Airlines, via DohaJuly 11, 2010, leaving a note on your door to tell you “amo-te”

Amo-te, Clarinha – teu pai

~ by jonjost on September 17, 2010.

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