Mais Cartões Postais para Clara

Some pictures from our travels, these first from Darjeeling, on the border with Nepal in India.  We were there in November for a week.  It was fascinating and we hope to go back, next time to Nepal.


AmsterdamDelft, where we saw this paintingJohannes Vermeer, View of DelftVermeer, Girl with the Pearl Earring

And then I traveled on to Israel while Marcella went to Italy where she has a scholarship to study for 7 months.  Here’s some pictures from Jerusalem.

Market entrance, Old JerusalemMarket street in Jerusalem Old CityInside a souk, an Arab marketOutside the Church of the Holy SepulchreInsideUp the steps to Temple Mount and the Dome of the RockOn Temple Mount

Old Jerusalem

In just a few weeks it will be your birthday.  You’ll be fourteen, almost a young woman.  Of course I wish I could be with you for this day, as I wish I could have been with you for all the others, too.  But I have not seen you, nor have you seen me, since August of 2001, now 10 and a half years ago, when your mother took you away, hid you, and since that August has blocked all contact between us.  We know why, but you could ask your mother about it.  I will write you a letter for your birthday and send it here.  I’d send a present there but I know it would be sent back as the other things I have tried to send you.   Hopefully one day very soon you will be able to decide things for your own life, and to receive the love which you should receive from your father, and which he sends you everyday.

Amo-te, Clarinha !

Teu pai, Jon

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