Parabéns Clarinha !

Março 27, 2011

Querida Clara

Parabéns! Hoje fazes 14 anos, és quase uma mulherzinha, preparada quase para no próximo ano entrares no que nos EUA chamamos “High School”. Penso que seja isto, apesar de nada saber de ti desde Agosto 2001. A ultima vez que te vi foi ao colo de tua mãe, a chorar, sentadas na esquadra de polícia de Trastevere em Itália, onde foi indicado á tua mãe que teria que permanecer até uma audiência juridica se realizar sobre a tua situação. Ela não ficou, fugiu contigo, raptando-te pela 2ª vez num espaço de tempo de 1 ano.

Quem me dera estar contigo para celebrar este dia, para te oferecer algo, e para te dizer que te amo. Mas, como sabes, tal não é possivel – não porque não estaria aí, mas apenas porque a tua mãe não me deixaria estar aí. Tal como o fez nos ultimos 10 anos. Talvez nos ultimos anos tenhas podido fazer algo, ao invés daquilo a que te obrigam.

Á medida que vais tendo idade, começando nesta mesma carta, vou iniciar o envio de documentos sobre o que realmente te sucedeu. Alguns são oficiais, alguns e-mails de tua mãe ou meus.
Estes documentos começarão a evidenciar-te a verdade – algo que não te foi contado nestes anos.
Alguns serão dolorosos, tal como a verdade é.  Mas é melhor para ti saber o que te tem sido escondido. Lamento que isto atinja este ponto, pois tudo poderia ter sido evitado.

E começarei também a contar-te sobre a tua outra parte da família, que muito te ama, mas que não te pode ver.  Quando for o tempo, serás acolhida por eles de braços abertos, com muito amor.

Por agora, querida Clara, Parabéns and Happy Birthday!

O teu pai que muito te ama, e que tem muitas saudades tuas


14 times around the sun!

March 27, 2011

Dearest Clara

Happy Birthday !  Today you are 14 years old, now almost a young woman, ready to go off to this coming year to what in America we’d call High School.  I think this is so, though I don’t really know, since I have heard nothing about or from you since August 2001.  The last I saw you was in your mother’s lap, sitting in a police station in Trastevere, Italy, where she was legally told to stay until a hearing could be done about you.  She did not, and instead ran away with you, kidnapping you the second time in one year.

I wish I could be there with you to celebrate this day, to give you something nice, and to let you know I love you.  But, as you know, it cannot be – not because I would not be there, but because your mother will not let it be.   As she has done the last 10 birthdays.  Perhaps in just a few more years you might be able to do what you want to do, rather than what you are forced to do.

As you are getting old enough, beginning with this letter, I am going to begin to send you here, documents about what really happened with you.  Some are “official” things, some are emails from your mother, or mine.  They will begin to tell you the truth – which I am very sure you have not been told all these years.  Some of it will be painful, as sometimes the truth is.  But it will be better for you to know these things than to have them hidden.

And I will begin to tell you somethings about your other family, which loves you, but cannot now see you.  When it is time, you will be welcomed with open and loving arms.

For now, dearest Clara, Parabéns and Happy Birthday.

Teu pai


Surface of the sunWilliam Turner, Angel Standing in the SunEdvard Munch, SunJackson Pollack, #14



And a few little presents for the day:

Monet, SunriseVan Gogh, WheatfieldsPoll Friederich, Woman before the SunOlafur Eliasson, The Weather Project, Tate Modern, LondonEdward Hopper, Corn Hill, Truro, Cape Cod

Parabéns pelos teus  14 anos,  Clara!

E que 30,000 sóis mais vejam e te abenoçem !

The following letter was written in early 2002, after taking what legal actions were possible in both Italy and Portugal.  It was sent to those listed as well as to a long email listing of Portuguese newspaper writers, cultural figures, employees of the court system, and other public officials.  At the time it was sent it was considered taboo to state that civil society and politics were corrupt in Portugal and I was told that while it was generally acknowledged it was so, it could not be said.    Within a few years of my continued public denunciations of this corruption it became a commonplace in public discussion.  Portugal’s current situation in the newspapers – about to default on its debts and require an EU bailout is a direct consequence of this corruption, a corruption which runs through all political and social elements.



Jon Jost                     vicolo di Santa Rufina, 50, (Trastevere) 00153 Roma
Phone and Fax: (39) 06 581 4759
E-mail:                              February 1, 2002

An open letter to the friends and acquaintances of Teresa Villaverde

On November  20, 2000, Teresa Villaverde, returning to our home in Rome after completion of filming her recent Agua e Sal, kidnapped our daughter, Clara, taking her from school, and took her, without informing me, Clara’s father, that she was doing so or securing my consent.   Under Italian law, where the act took place, Teresa’s act was a felony crime, punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment.  In violating the law, Teresa made what could have been a private family matter a legal and public one.

On her arrival in Lisbon, clearly planned, Ms. Villaverde filed for sole custody with the Istituto do Reinsercao, in process making numerous false and perjurious claims and assertions.  In seeking the protection of a public agency, and in her making of fraudulent and untrue claims in process, Ms. Villaverde again shifted a private and personal matter into a legal and public one.

Subsequently the family of Teresa Villaverde, using Mirilia Villaverde’s position as a high-up functionary in the Portuguese Communist Party, corrupted Juvenile Court Judge Rui Machado e Moura, who in violation of the law, of the Hague Convention for the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, and in direct conflict with the evidence presented to his court, made a ruling which is the obvious and transparent consequence of corruption.  In doing so, the Villaverde family escalated Teresa Villaverde’s actions into not only legal and public realms, but also made it a political matter in using the PCP as an instrument for the illegal corruption of the Portuguese Judiciary.

Additionally, Teresa Villaverde personally, in the company of her sister, Joana, her sister’s lover Patricia, her friend Serge Trefaut, and her lawyer, Domingo Lopes, committed a criminal act in breaking into the home of an acquaintance of mine, threatening physical violence against them, and taking a cellular telephone and house keys.  The event was reported to the local police station where it is on record, and where the police advised that the action was illegal.  The action taken was a felony crime, and was intimidation.  The acquaintance did not file charges as they felt their life was at risk, and with the agreement of my lawyer in Lisbon, felt that the legal system, courts and police of Portugual were incapable of handling such a matter in an efficient, honest and legal manner that would protect the victim of the crime.

Immediately following the kidnapping of my daughter, I filed papers with the Central Authority for the Hague Convention in Rome, which in turn accepted that the documentation demonstrated that Clara Jost had been abducted, in violation of Italian law of this convention; the papers were forwarded to the Lisbon office, under the IRS, for the same Convention, where it was approved, and a formal request was made for the return of Clara to her home under the Convention.  Judge Rui Machado e Moura, transparently corrupted, in a ruling in February 2001, claimed that Clara was an habitual resident of Lisboa, and hence the Convention did not apply.  Without comment he dismissed the considerable documented evidence showing Clara had lived her first six months in Lisbon, and the balance of her life in Paris and then Rome. The Judge accepted, with no supporting documentation, the claim of Ms. Villaverde that she had lived in Lisbon.

A formal request has been made to the Procurador Geral, Jose Adriano Machado Sotto de Moura, that Teresa Villaverde be investigated for perjury and corruption, and that Judge Machado e Moura’s ruling be investigated for corruption.  Machado Sotto de Moura’s office, responding to a request from the office of President Jorge Sampaio, sent a three page letter, with numerous false and untrue statements in it, to support his decision to decline to investigate Ms. Villaverde or the Judge.  He has declined to respond to a direct request that he state whether he is or is not related by family blood to the Judge accused of corruption.   A formal accusation will be made against him, the Procurador Geral for corruption, should he fail to respond to the question, or should his response be in the affirmative.

While awarded temporary custody by Judge Machado e Moura, the terms of this custody provided that Clara’s father could see her each day when in Lisbon; during his stays there Teresa Villaverde consistently violated the terms set for her and those violations were repeatedly reported to the Judge since January 2001.  The Judge at no time even acknowledged these reports and did absolutely nothing to correct Ms. Villaverde’s constant illegal violations of his court order, despite a hospital report, made on his orders, which clearly indicated that Teresa Villaverde’s treatment of her daughter was damaging to her.

Ms. Villaverde’s behavior since abducting Clara has precisely fit that of person described in professional psychiatric literature on kidnappers as “obsessive parental alienators.” Such persons are normally paranoid, and often schizophrenic.  Their treatment of children under their control is normally abusive, using psychological coerciveness to teach the child to hate the absent parent.  The long term prospects for such children is grim.  I have directly observed, briefly, Teresa Villaverde’s treatment of Clara, and its effects on our daughter, and it completely fits the descriptions in the literature on this.

Teresa Villaverde is a psychologically and mentally ill woman.  The simple fact that she would make a film in which she cast a lead actress to look exactly as she does, to play a role paralleling that of a filmmaker, and then cast her own daughter to play this woman’s daughter who is, in the film twice abducted, and then would carry out the story of the film in reality should for any reasonable person be demonstration enough that Teresa Villaverde has lost touch with reality.  Her other behavior merely underlines this.   I did, myself, over five years ago, request her to seek psychiatric help for her paranoia; while acknowledging she was a bit odd, she however declined, stating she feared any probing in her psyche would be damaging to her “creative sources.” Also while living with her she commented a number of times that mental illness ran on her mother’s side of her family, and that she feared for her own sanity.  However, courtesy of the influence and capacity of her family to corrupt the legal system of Portugal, she has been left free for some 15 months to torment Clara, despite a request made in December 2000 to the Court to have Ms. Villaverde examined by psychiatrists.  No such examination has been made.

Complicit with Teresa have been her immediate family – her sister Joana, her sister’s lover Patricia, and her mother, Mirilia Villaverde.  Also closely partaking in this sequestration of my daughter has been Serge Trefaut,  who has spoken to me in rather explicit terms regarding his pedophile inclinations (a film he made also shows this clearly.)  Teresa’s former boyfriend, film sound technician Vasco Pimental has also been an active participant in the maltreatment of Clara Jost.

Teresa’s uncle, Manuel Villaverde Cabral has also been a participant (previously having permitted Teresa to fraudulently list his address as Teresa Villaverde’s residence so that she could use the maternity hospital where Clara was born rather than the one assigned for the Alfama, where we actually lived), and has clearly used his influence to dissuade the Portuguese press to cover this story, despite its having been constantly and fully informed of it since early 2001.  That a story involving a well-known figure, who has utilized taxpayer funding to make her work, and who has been openly accused of corrupting the Judiciary and other crimes, is left untouched by the press shows that the influence of Manuel Villaverde Cabral, and perhaps that of the producer of Agua e Sal, Paolo Branco of Madragoa filmes, and perhaps the PCP, goes deeply and poisonously into the cultural fabric of Portugal.  The result is to paint a picture more appropriate to a so-called “banana republic” than a member of the EC.

Total exposure of this case will continue, and legal actions for the many violations of the law will be pursued until such time as prosecution and conviction for illegal acts of perjury, corruption, intimidation and any other crimes discovered are brought to fruition, regardless of the parties who engage in these illegal acts – be they the Villaverde family, friends, Judges, or Attorney Generals or others in positions of governmental authority.

My daughter Clara will not be surrendered to the obscenity of what passes for civil culture in Portugal, a culture which is transparently corrupt, as most of my Portuguese friends readily and resignedly admit.  Such corruption cuts far deeper than mere law, but becomes a moral and ethical gangrene which afflicts the whole of society, and damages each and every member of that society.  I have had the sad occasion to witness it in the family of Teresa Villaverde, in her friends and associates, and to see the devastating effect it has inflicted on my daughter.

Portugal will continue to suffer such abuses of power and influence so long as the people of Portugal sit silently by while such offenses occur on a daily basis, the consequences which are readily visible on the streets the nation’s capital, Lisboa.

I ask that you contact the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, the Procurador Geral, and the President and request and demand that Portugal abide by its own laws, and that those who have so overtly and complacently violated them in this case be prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for their betrayal of the best interests of an innocent child, and also of the best interests of Portugal.

This matter will not be swept under the rug, and justice will in due time be exacted, on behalf of my child who has been utterly ravaged by her ill mother, and by a political and social culture which is itself ill, and has thus far acted in complicity with Teresa Villaverde’s illegal and immoral actions.


Jon Jost

President Jorge Sampaio        Fax: 00351 21 361 4611
Prime Minister Antonio Guterres           Fax: 00351 21 395 1616
Minister of Justice Antonio Costa                         Fax: 00351 21 346 7692
Attorney General J.A. Machado sotto de Moura   Fax: 00351 21 397 5255
Conselho Superior da Magistratura     Fax: 00351 21 474 918
Juvenile Court Judge Rui Machado e Moura                   Fax: 00351 21 358 2181

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