Cartões Postais para Clara

Tokyo sidewalk

March 4, 2012.

A cold and sunless day in Tokyo.  I spent it mostly in my cramped hotel room, trying to get some rest from the weeks and months of non-stop work.  Tomorrow I’ll return to Seoul for one last hectic week of packing. And then to America for the first time in four years, to begin a long long journey.

Last night, at the Athenee Francais here, I had a first screening of The Narcissus Flowers of Katsura-shima, my 33rd long film.  They also screened Imagens de uma cidade perdida, which is dedicated to you.  The screening went well, and what I was told from the audience seemed to confirm the film works well for Japanese, which is the proper audience as it is about the earthquake and tsunami of last year.  I was happy with the response.

I will be terribly busy the next months, and may only be able to find time to send these postcards.  Though I hope I can find the time for another letter, too.


Teu pai, jon



Amo-te, teu pai, Jon

~ by jonjost on March 4, 2012.

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