Mais Cartões Postais para Clara

DSC06508CSMSwanton Road, near Davenport, California

Cara Clara – for the last weeks I have been traveling – from Portland Oregon, to Newport, to Redding, California, and Chico, and then to San Francisco, and on down to Los Angeles.  Doing screenings, shooting some for American essay-film, and seeing many friends, some whom I have not seen for 40 years!  And then one to Death Valley where I will bring these postcards to a halt.  I hope to have some time soon to write a real letter.  But for now


Teu pai, jon

DSC06606SMToldeo, Oregon, where I shot The Bed You Sleep In in 1991DSC06535SM

DSC06575SMNetting, fishing harbor, Newport, Or.DSC06542CRPacific Ocean from Oregon coastDSC06639SMCoors sign, Newport, Or.DSC06668SMRedwood forest, northern CaliforniaDSC06685SMCalifornia, near coast heading towards Morro BayDSC06919SMOrchards, California, Sacramento Delta areaDSC06923CRPSMSmall town, California, near ChicoDSC06932SMSilos, San Ardo, Calif.DSC06936CRPSMSacramento Delta, CaliforniaDSC06958CCSM



Maricopa, CaliforniaDSC07089SMPismo BeachDSC07051CSMDish in my friend Nathaniel Dorsky’s apartment in San Francisco  DSC07116CCSM

DSC07117CCRPSM  DSC07311ccSM

DSC07315SMPacific Palisades, Santa Monica, CaliforniaDSC07531CRPSMTecopa Hot Springs, CaliforniaDSC07561CSM

DSC07590SMSign in Shoshone, CaliforniaDSC07620SM

DSC07818smDeath Valley, California, lowest point in AmericaDSC07877sm


Amo-te, Clarinha !!!

~ by jonjost on February 24, 2013.

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