Mais Cartões Postais para Clara

DSC01345Your Father’s shadow…

Dear Clara,

The last months since your birthday I’ve been traveling most the time.  I went from Portland, Oregon, to friends in Redding California, and then down through San Francisco to Los Angeles, doing screenings along the way.  And then flew from LA to Detroit Michigan to go to Ann Arbor where I did a 5 day visit at the University of Michigan, and then back to Los Angeles.  Along the way I saw many old friends, new landscapes (for me), and took many photos.  Then I went to Korea for a festival with two new films, spending two weeks there, and again, seeing friends.  I came back to the USA to Portland, and now am in Phoenix, Arizona after a short visit to the Grand Canyon to which I will return in a few days to shoot a film, a kind of re-make of one I did in 1970.  And then to Portland and on to Butte, Montana, where I’ll spend the summer.  Perhaps to Europe some time in the autumn.   And, perhaps I travel too much!  Here are some photos from these days on the road.

I love you, Clara.

Your Father,


[Sent from Phoenix, Arizona.]




My friends in San Francisco,  Lynne Rutter and images of her wonderful garden, and Erling Wold, who composed the music for many of my films.  A wonderful stay with wonderful people.




Nathaniel Dorsky, a really special filmmaker and friend I’ve known since 1985 or so.  In his apartment in San Francisco where he showed me several of his newest films – truly beautiful.

DSC09661ccrosmBakersfield, CaliforniaDSC08443Barn, CaliforniaDSC00479smPost boxes, Big SurDSC00663

DSC00477smBig Sur, coastal CaliforniaDSC00484smAccidental “art” near Castroville, Ca.DSC00366


DSC00335smGetty Museum, Pacific Palisades, Ca.DSC00438smSherman Oaks, Ca.DSC00407smHollywoodDSC00063San Fernando ValleyDSC00291smEagle Rock Mexican dinerDSC00393Alicia and Morrie Ruvinski in Santa Monicacarp3smCarpinteria, Ca.alenka 2Alenka Pavlin on her 50th birthday in Venice, Ca.DSC09981LA at night, flying to MichiganDSC09988Parking lot, Ann Arbor, MichiganPacific OceanDSC00307SMLee Sangwoo, Lee Hyonjong, Moon Seohyun in SeoulDSC01196


The journey of the last months will soon come to a stop, and I will have the time to write you another letter with things you should know about our families, and so, yourself.  Meantime I will send you some more postcards and snapshots before I get to Butte for the summer.

Love from your father,



DSC01332crpsmYour father, at 70 years and a week

Amo-te, Clarinha !

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