Mais Snapshots para Clara

walkerville bldgWalkerville, Montana

A week or so ago I took off from Walkerville, where I spent the summer, making pastels and working on photography and films.  The building here is one I went in with my friend Marshall, who lives there, and bought. Half and half – it is going to take a lot of work to make it a good place but when it is done it should be rather nice.  Following are shots I took along the way of my trip – across western Montana, into Idaho and then Washington State.

snapshot34Dixon, Montana

snapshot16Somewhere in Eastern Washington




snapshot18Along the Columbia River where I camped the night in Eastern Washington



snapshot7Wheat in the northern Palouse, Washington






harbor smPort Angeles, Wa.

I am now in Port Angeles, Wa., and friends of mine from here have just flown to Lisboa.  I have asked them to deliver to you two DVDs, one the film Passages, which was made for you; and the other a film I made in 2004, Homecoming.  I had sent Passages some years ago but your mother refused it from the post and it was returned.  I hope you might receive it this time.  My friend’s name is Steve.  He’ll try to deliver it to the door of your apartment.  Meantime, as I wrote before, I will come to Lisboa whenever you ask.  Amo-te, Clarinha.

~ by jonjost on August 30, 2013.

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