Mais Cartões Postais para Clara

DSC07393 smPiazza del Popolo, Roma

Dear Clara,

I am in Roma now, after a long trip from Portland by car to little Stanberry Missouri, where I shot a film with some friends and then went on to the St. Louis Film Festival where I showed my last finished film, Coming to Terms, and was given, along with director Oliver Stone, a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for fifty years of filmmaking.  Yes, I am kind of old!  And then I flew here to Rome for a conference where I gave a talk, and showed a film I’d shot here in Italian in 2007 by the title La Lunga Ombra.

From here I will travel to Bologna, Milano, Istanbul, London, Paris, Brussels, perhaps Rotterdam, and then to Madrid and Lisboa, before I return to America and a few weeks in New York.  I hope in the time I am in Lisboa that I might see you.  It is important for both of us that we have a chance to again know one another.   So I hope your mother, Teresa, will understand and let it happen.  Though, being honest, I suspect she will not.  A deep problem of hers.

I send along these “postcards” from my travels and hope you enjoy them.


Teu pai,


DSC07399 sm

DSC07377 smSpanish StepsDSC07404 smTritone, in P. del PopoloDSC07365 smRoma, from the top of the Spanish StepsDSC07362 sm

DSC07379 smTourist stuffDSC07360 smPiazza BarberiniDSC07351 sm

DSC07333 sm

DSC07290 sm

DSC07277 smTourists seeing Caravaggio at Chiesa S. Luigi dei FrancesiDSC07293 SM

DSC07270 SM

DSC07243 SMMy friend LorenzoDSC07205 sm

DSC07207 SM

DSC07194 sm

DSC07174 sm

DSC07271 sm

DSC07331 sm

DSC07325 SM

DSC07388 sm

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