Cartões Postais da New York para Clara

DSC02622 SMManhattan from Williamsburg, BrooklynDSC02603 SM

DSC02614 SMDSC02613 SMSubway grafittiDSC02609 SMEmpire StateDSC02621 SMSynagogue, lower East SideDSC02602 SMFlatiron BuildingDSC02681 SMFence, WilliamsburgDSC02671 SMMid-townDSC02646 SM

DSC02639 SMAsked to have his photo takenDSC02632 SM

DSC02637 SM

DSC02638 SM

DSC02662 SMTheater districtDSC02652 SM

DSC02631 SM

Cara Clarinha

I’m in New York now, another week to go.  Then on to Ohio.  Screenings, seeing old friends (and new.)


Teu pai,  Jon

~ by jonjost on February 24, 2014.

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