Mais Snapshots para Clara

DSC03906 smMontana, near Ovanda


The last days I drove from Butte to Missoula where I visited a few friends, and then on, taking small roads, to Portland.  To see friends, pick up a few things of mine, and in a week to return to Butte.  Here’s some photographs I took along the way.


DSC03895 CRP

DSC03899 C SMHelmville, MT.DSC03929 SM

DSC03942 S

DSC04113 SM - CopyNear Dixie, WA.DSC03952 SMLochsa River, IdahoDSC03949 SM

DSC04016 CRPCIn the Palouse, WA.DSC04023CCRPSMDayton, WA.DSC04069 CRP SM - CopyAthena, OR.DSC04103 SM - Copy

DSC03992 SM

DSC03966 SM

DSC04010 SMThe PalouseDSC04075 SM - Copy

DSC04073 CRP SM - CopyAthena, WA.DSC04047CRP SM - CopyEntering Walla Walla, WA.DSC03960 SMPomeroy, WA.DSC04045 CRP SM - Copy

DSC04057CRP SM - CopyWaitsburg, WA.DSC04088VSM - Copy  DSC03925 SMAlong the LochsaDSC04111 SM - Copy

DSC04117ccro SM

DSC04056 SM - CopyNear Adams, OR.DSC04091SM - Copy

DSC04038CRP SM - Copy

DSC04029 SM - Copy

DSC03954CRP SM - CopyView from back of the car, bedding down near Alpowa pass, WA.

Amo-te, Clarinha!  A letter soon.

~ by jonjost on May 6, 2014.

One Response to “Mais Snapshots para Clara”

  1. Really nice pictures Jon. We’ll be traveling through Montana in July.

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