Mais Cartões Postais Para Clara

DSC08815Clouds over New Mexico

Carinha Clarinha,

I am now in Iowa City, where it is very cold (-10C). Luckily I have a nice place to stay in for a few days before I move on to Chicago, and then New York and then London and Roma.  Later I will go to Nijar, Spain, for an exhibition of my watercolors and pastels, a few video installations and a few films subtitled in Spanish.

A dear friend of mine, Nathaniel Dorsky, is in Lisboa now and will be screening some of his films at the Cinematheque on Saturday, Nov. 22 (the same night I show Coming to Terms in Chicago.)  He makes the most lovely silent color films, with no “story” but rather an immense feeling for life.  If you can go – it’s only a walk from where you live –  I highly suggest you go.  Tell your friends, too.   And if you do, stay and say hello to him, and tell him who you are – he is a most wonderful person.


Teu pai,





Dorsky_the_visitationcrpdFrom “The Visitation”Nathaniel DorskyFrom “Threnody”DorskyPhotobyJeromeHiler_2My friend, Nathaniel Dorsky

Amo-te, Clarinha!

~ by jonjost on November 17, 2014.

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